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Oceania Aikido Kyougi Renmei (Oceania)  
Shodokan Brisbane Dojo (Australia)  
Shodokan Sydnay (Australia)  
Shodokan Aikido Melbourne (Australia)  
Shodokan Aikido Innsbruck (Austria)  
Study Group Tomiki Aikido (Belgium)  
Shodokan Aikido do Brasil (Brazil)  
Goshin Aikido (Brazil)  
Tomiki Aikido Club "Tokukan" (Bulgaria)  
Shodokan Aikido Finland (Finland)  
Georgian Competitive Aikido Association (Georgia)  
Tomiki Aikido in Czeske Budejovice (Czech Republic)  
Middle East Shodokan Aikido (Iran)  
Shodokan Aikido Federation (Japan)  
JAA Kyokai (Japan)  
The Kansai Aikido-kyogi League (Japan)  
Shodokan Aikido Mexico (Mexico)  
Tomiki Aikido Netherland (Netherland)  
Tomiki Aikido Netherland (Netherland)  
Shodokan Aikido New Zealand (New Zealand)  
Shodokan Aikido Romania (Romania)  
Moscow Tomiki Aikido Club – მოსკოვი (Russia)  
Moscow Shodokan Aikido Club - მოსკოვი (Russia)  
Aikido Club Buyukan (Russia)  
Tomiki Aikido in Sankt-Peterburg (Russia)  
Center for Development of Aikido (Serbia)  
Xativa Tomiki Aikido (Spain)  
Association Suisse d'Aikido Tomiki Shodokan (Switzerland)  
Aikido Club Aigle (Switzerland)  
European Tomiki Aikido Federation (UK)  
Shodokan Aikido UK (UK)  
British Aikido Association (UK)  
London Aikido Dojo (UK)  
The University of Sheffield Aikido Club (UK)  
Tomiki Aikido of the Americas (USA)  
Shodokan Aikido Ukraine (Ukraine)  
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