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European Tomiki Aikido Network (Europe)  
Oceania Aikido Kyougi Renmei (Oceania)  
Shodokan Sydnay (Australia)  
Study Group Tomiki Aikido (Belgium)  
Shodokan Aikido do Brasil (Brazil)  
Goshin Aikido (Brazil)  
Tomiki Aikido Club "Tokukan" (Bulgaria)  
Georgian Competitive Aikido Association (Georgia)  
Tomiki Aikido in Czeske Budejovice (Czech Republic)  
Shodokan Aikido Federation (Japan)  
JAA Kyokai (Japan)  
Waseda University Aikido Club (Japan)  
The Kansai Aikido-kyogi League (Japan)  
Shodokan Aikido France (France)  
Tomiki Aikido Netherland (Netherland)  
Tomiki Aikido Netherland (Netherland)  
Shodokan Aikido New Zealand (New Zealand)  
Moscow Tomiki Aikido Club – მოსკოვი (Russia)  
Moscow Shodokan Aikido Club - მოსკოვი (Russia)  
Aikido Club Buyukan (Russia)  
Tomiki Aikido in Sankt-Peterburg (Russia)  
Kursk Club of Competitive Aikido (Russia)  
Shidokan Spain Hombu Dojo (Spain)  
Spanish Shodokan Aikido (Spain)  
Xativa Tomiki Aikido (Spain)  
Association Suisse d'Aikido Tomiki Shodokan (Switzerland)  
Aikido Club Bex (Switzerland)  
Trinidad & Tobago Shodokan Aikido Club (Trinidad & Tobago)  
European Tomiki Aikido Federation (UK)  
Shodokan Aikido UK (UK)  
British Aikido Association (UK)  
London Aikido Dojo (UK)  
Kikusui Kai Aikido (UK)  
Wakefield Tomiki Aikido Club (UK)  
The University of Sheffield Aikido Club (UK)  
Tomiki Aikido of the Americas (USA)  
Ukraine Tomiki Aikido Federation (Ukraine)  
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  • 27-28.10 - The 4th Junior/Youth European Championship, Russia.
  • December - Martial Arts Festival - Tbilisi.

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