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Tomiki (competitive/Sport) Aikido is a blend of traditional Aikido and Modern Judo. It is the only style of Aikido which incorporates tournament competition into its curriculum. The combinations of kata and competition are intended to bring a sense of realism and practicality to the practitioners of Tomiki Aikido. The principles and techniques established through the practice of kata can be applied in various kinds of free-play or randori, where the player's response is based entirely on the nature of the attack. Kata without an understanding of the practicalities of randori is a meaningless dance, while randori without an understanding of the principles of kata techniques in not even Aikido.

As a professor of physical education, Kenji Tomiki sought to incorporate the progressive instruction style of Judo in teaching Aikido to his students. Tomiki believed that randori (unstructured free-style exercise) could be as successful in teaching Aikido as experience had shown with Judo. He wrote: "To beginners free-style exercises afford more interest and encouragement enabling them to acquire ability for adaptation and to have confidence in themselves".

In the early 60's professor Kenji Tomiki developed a method of health improving trainings Toshu Randori Shiai, which taught in addition to the traditional forms of kata. Later, attempting to work up practical applying of aikido techniques, he created a contemporary method Tanto Randori Shiai of deal an unarmed person against an opponent armed by a knife.

World Aikido Championships are held every two years, from them each 4 years traditionally in Japan, and the first Aikido Championship-Festival was held at Nara, Japan on June 18, 1989.

From 2008 was started European Championships and it will be every two years when World Championship is not held. This year European Championship was held in Voorschoten, the Netherlands.

In 2012 was held the First Junior and Youth European Aikido Championship in Fiesh, Switzerland. Next Championship will be held in Belgorod, Russia on 27-28 October 2018.
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